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"People won’t follow what you do until they know why you do it. Why you do it has everything to do with who you are."

Tim Shamrell

With a passion for service and teaching, Tim Shamrell has established himself as a  Learning Development professional, leading others to achieve higher levels of performance by honing skills to refine their process for clarity and simplicity. He is a rare Strategic Ideation thinker, which makes him valuable to those seeking to understand connections that are not readily visible, but will, if cultivated, yield and release powerful potential.

He is a gifted Live speaker and will engage others into his unique perspective with humor, entertainment and fun.

His career milestones have been:

  • Commanding Officer in the U. S. Coast Guard

  • Director of Training with Marriott International 

  • Director of Learning with The Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott


Find what muses Tim on his weekly writing blog  Tall Tim Talks.



“Our Florida team had the pleasure of hearing Tim Shamrell (a.k.a Tall Tim) share great methods for becoming stronger leaders both at work and in our everyday lives. Thank you for the time and practices you shared. ”

– WHER Constuctors, via Instagram

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