"People won’t follow what you do until they know why you do it. Why you do it has everything to do with who you are."

Tim Shamrell

With a passion for service and teaching, Tim Shamrell has established himself as a  Learning Development professional, leading others to achieve higher levels of performance by honing skills to refine their process for clarity and simplicity. He is a rare Strategic Ideation thinker, which makes him valuable to those seeking to understand connections that are not readily visible, but will, if cultivated, yield and release powerful potential.

He is a gifted Live speaker and will engage others into his unique perspective with humor, entertainment and fun.

His career milestones have been:

  • Commanding Officer in the U. S. Coast Guard

  • Director of Training with Marriott International 

  • Director of Learning with The Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott


Find what muses Tim on his weekly writing blog  Tall Tim Talks.



“You were the best Commanding Officer I encountered in my career; you brought out the best in people who had the pleasure of working with you and for you.”

– Scott G.

—  Name, Title